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Toshiba PA3832U-1BRS PA3929U-1BRS Battery for Toshiba Portege R835-P56X R835-P70 Tecra R840 Series PA5043U-1BRS PA3833U-1BRS PA3831U-1BRS PA3930U-1BRS PABAS235 PABAS236 PABAS249 PABAS250 [10.8V] Compatible Battery

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Product Info

  • Type Laptop Battery
  • SKU LTS233-db-001
  • Cell Type Conventional Li-ion
  • Warranty 1 Year
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  • Description
  • Specification

    Toshiba Dynabook:

    R730| R730/26A| R730/27A| R730/38A| R730/39A| R730/B| R731| R731/16B| R731/16C| R731/16DB| R731/36B| R731/36C| R731/36DB| R731/37B| R731/37C| R731/37DB| R731/38C| R731/39B| R731/B| R731/C| R731/W2JC| R731/W2MC| R731/W2MD| R731/W2PD| R731/W2TC| R731/W2TD| R731/W4UC| R731/W4UD| R732| R741| R741/B| R742| R742/F| RX3| RX3 SM226Y/3HD| RX3 SM240E/3HD| RX3 SN240Y/3HD| RX3 SN266E/3HD| RX3 TM226Y/3HD| RX3 TM240E/3HD| RX3 TN240Y/3HD| RX3 TN266E/3HD| RX3/T6M| RX3/T7M| RX3/T8M| RX3/T9M| RX3W| RX3W/8MW

    Toshiba Portege:

    R700| R700-S1310| R700-S1311| R700-S1312| R700-S1320| R700-S1321| R700-S1322| R700-S1322W| R700-S1330| R700-S1331| R700-S1332| R700-S1332W| R700-ST1300| R700-ST1303| R705| R705-P25| R705-P35| R705-P40| R705-P41| R705-P42| R705-SP3001L| R705-SP3001M| R705-SP3002L| R705-SP3002M| R705-SP3003L| R705-SP3003M| R705-SP3010L| R705-SP3010M| R705-SP3011L| R705-SP3011M| R705-SP3114M| R705-ST2N03| R705-ST2N04| R830| R830-Landis| R830-Landis-052059| R830-Landis-0NP059| R830-Oracle| R830-S8310| R830-S8312| R830-S8320| R830-S8322| R830-S8330| R830-S8332| R830-ST6N03| R830-ST8300| R835| R835-P50X| R835-P55X| R835-P56X| R835-P70| R835-P75| R835-P81| R835-P83| R835-P84| R835-P86| R835-P88| R835-P89| R835-P92| R835-P94| R835-ST3N01| R835-ST6N01| R930-0C| R930-BT9300| R930-S9320| R930-S9321| R930-S9330| R930-S9331| R930-W9320| R935-P326| R935-P330| R935-P332| R935-ST2N01| R935-ST2N02| R935-ST3N02| R935-ST4N01

    Toshiba Satellite:

    R630| R630-102| R630-12G| R630-135| R630-138| R630-13F| R630-13J| R630-13R| R630-13T| R630-13V| R630-141| R630-144| R630-14H| R630-14J| R630-14R| R630-14X| R630-155| R630-156| R830| R830-10C| R830-11C| R830-142| R830-143| R830-181| R830-182| R830-1E2| R830-1G0| R830-1G1| R830-1GZ| R830-1L7| R835| R835-P81| R835-P83| R835-P84| R835-P86| R845| R845-S80| R845-S85| R845-ST5N01| R845-ST6N01

    Toshiba Tecra:

    R840| R840-Oracle| R840-S8410| R840-S8411| R840-S8412| R840-S8413| R840-S8415| R840-S8419| R840-S8420| R840-S8422| R840-S8430| R840-S8432| R840-S8440| R840-S8450| R840-ST8400| R840-ST8401| R840-ST8402| R940| R940-BT9400| R940-S9420| R940-S9421| R940-S9430| R940-S9431| R940-S9440| R940-S9441| R940-SMBG1X| R940-SMBGX1| R940-SMBGX2| R940-SMBGX3| R940-SMBGX4| R940-SMBN22| R940-SMBN23| R940-SMBNX1| R940-SMBNX2| R940-SMBNX3| R940-SMBNX4| R940-ST2N01| R940-ST3N01| R940-W9420



    PA3831U-1BRS| PA3832U-1BRS| PA3833U-1BRS| PA3929U-1BRS| PA3930U-1BRS| PA5043U-1BRS| PABAS235| PABAS236| PABAS249| PABAS250| PABAS265

  • Product Type: Replacement Laptop Battery
    Condition: New
    Cell Type: Conventional Li-ion
    Capacity: 4400mAh / 48Wh
    Device Voltage: 10.8V