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Toshiba Satellite C40 C50 C70 Series PA5108U-1BRS PABAS271 PABAS273 PA5109U-1BRS PABAS272 PA5110U-1BRS Compatible Battery

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Product Info

  • Type Laptop Battery
  • SKU LTS245X-db-001
  • Capacity 6600mAh / 71Wh
  • Cell Type Conventional Li-ion
  • Warranty 1 Year
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  • Description
  • Specification

    Toshiba Satellite:

    C40-AD05B1| C40-AS20W1| C40-AS22W1| C40-AT01W1| C40-AT15B1| C40-AT19W1| C45-AK06B| C45-AK07B| C45-AK08B1| C45-AK15B1| C45-ASC1B| C45-AT79B| C50-AC09W1| C50-AT01W1| C50-AT03W1| C50-AT08B1| C50D-AT01B1| C70-A| C70-A-13V| C70-A-14C| C70-A-14L| C70-A-14M| C70-A-14Z| C70-A-156| C70-A-15D| C70-A-15K| C70-A-15U| C70-A-162| C70-A-16L| C70-A-16N| C70-A-16P| C70-A-170| C70-A-17R| C70-A-17T| C70-ABT3N11| C70-ABT3N12| C70-ASMBNX2| C70-AST2NX2| C70-AST2NX3| C70-AST3NX1| C70-AST3NX2| C70-B| C70-B-006| C70-B-20W| C70-B-305| C70-B-30U| C70-B-31G| C70-B-31P| C70-B-31V| C70-B-328| C70D| C70D-A| C70D-A-10H| C70D-A-10L| C70D-A-111| C70D-A-119| C70D-A-11C| C70D-A-11E| C70D-B| C70D-B-001| C70D-B-107| C70D-B-10E| C70D-B-10F| C70D-B-10X| C70D-B-11E| C70D-B-11F| C70D-B-11G| C70D-B-11H| C70D-B-11J| C70D-B-302| C70D-B-313| C70D-B-314| C70D-B-316| C75-A| C75-A-13M| C75-A-14X| C75-A-155| C75-A-156| C75-A-15E| C75-A7390| C75-B| C75D| C75D-A| C75D-A-10C| C75D-B| C75D-B7202 17.3| C75D-B7260 17.3| C75DT| C75T| Pro C70-A| Pro C70-A-13L| Pro C70-A-14X| Pro C70-A-152| Pro C70-A-16D| Pro C70-A-16F| Pro C70-A-17L| Pro C70-B| Pro C70-B-10D| Pro C70-B-10E| Pro C70-B-10K| Pro C70-B-10M| Pro C70-B-111| Pro C70-B-125| Pro C70-B-128| Pro C70-B-12C| Pro C70-B-12Z| Pro C70-B-131| Pro C70-B-13K| Pro C70-B-13W| Pro C70-B-14F| Pro C70D| Pro C70D-A| Pro C70D-B| S70t| S70t-A| S70t-B| S70t-B-00D



    OA5024U| PA5108U-1BRS| PA5109U-1BRS| PA5110U-1BRS| PABAS271| PABAS272| PABAS273

  • Product Type: Replacement Laptop Battery
    Condition: New
    Cell Type: Conventional Li-ion
    Capacity: 6600mAh / 71Wh
    Device Voltage: 10.8V